Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Chunuk Bair Game

 August 1915

The Wellington Battalion, ANZAC figures are HaT and Emhar

These units are dug-in at the Pinnacle 

Reinforcements slowly making their way up the Apex

Wallingford's machineguns at the Apex. The Turks launched several assaults at this position from the higher feature of Battleship Hill

from behind the NZ positions 

The Worcester's on the left of the Auckland battalion

This is the top of Hill Q looking downhill at Allinson's Gurkhas forming up just below a feature known as The Farm 

Cyril Bassett VC in the background reconnecting telephone line


  1. I really like the way you’ve done the terrain, very effective. There seem to be quite a few figures on the table how long did the game take to play?

  2. We played this through in about five hours mate, and the terrain is a bit of a new fad we trying out. We just reconstructed the tabletop so we can do Arras next - it's almost double the size